Week 1 – Grammatical Abbreviations

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first week of English Grammar and Use. In this first post, I will be sharing (emphasizing 🙂 ) some of the writing conventions adopted in course work book and classroom material. In particular, I will be discussing the abbreviations for grammatical labels.

Grammatical abbreviations are quite useful, especially if you are asked to deconstruct a given sentence — or label the parts of speech, for instance, of a given sentence. Here are some of the conventions used by the Huddleston book:

  • Adj Adjectives
  • AdjP Adjective Phrase
  • AdvP Adverb Phrase
  • C. Comp Complement
  • DP Determinative Phrase
  • N Noun
  • Nom Nominal
  • NP Noun Phrase
  • O Object
  • Od Direct Object
  • Oi Indirect Object
  • P Predicator
  • PC Predicative Complement
  • PP Preposition Phrase
  • Pred Comp . Predicative Complement
  • Prep . Preposition
  • S Subj . Subject
  • V Verb
  • VP Verb Phrase

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